If you have been on twitter recently you may have seen #freeke$ha trending #1. The whole idea behind this hashtag is to make everyone aware of what has happened to her. If you don’t know what happened to her or who Ke$ha is this blog will inform you.


Ke$ha is a world famous pop star, even though she hasn’t released any music since 2012. Ke$ha is know for her hit songs Tik Tok, Timber, Blow, and Die Young. There is a reason behind her not releasing any more music. Dr. Luke Gottwald, her producer, allegedly raped and drugged her. Ke$ha appealed against Sony Music Entertainment and Kemosabe Records, the companies her contract is under. One thing different about Ke$ha’s case then many others is she doesn’t want Dr. Luke to be charged with anything she just wants to be released from her contract. Ke$ha brought Dr. Luke and Sony to court asking to be opted out of her contract. She unfortunately lost the case, due to a lack of evidence, causing her to still be in the contract. Ke$ha has two options to stop producing music or to be forced to work with Dr. Luke.


This is a big deal in the music industry because men typically run the record companies. Men basically run the industry. That is why the outcome of this case isn’t a surprise to many people. Since these men are such powerful and wealthy people they usually get the upper hand when it comes to claimed rape cases. Women in the music industry aren’t looked at the same way. These men think they can manipulate the women into getting what they want. This case ended the same way many other cases ended, in favor of the man.


I believe Ke$ha should be released from her contract or even just given a new producer. She should not be forced to work with the man who allegedly raped her, that is ridiculous. This is not how a possible rape victim should be treated. Sony could just give her a new producer so she can continue making and producing music, and making THEM money. #FreeKe$ha.


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